About Me

Hi!  I’m Jaycee!

I Dance!!!

Welcome to my website… Here you’ll find out what I’m doing throughout my life.

Before you look around I wanted to tell you a little about myself….

I was born in Mesa, AZ… and have lived here my whole life!  I live with my awesome parents and my sometimes fun brother : )   We have a normal regular family life.  We eat… We Sleep…  We Dance!  Yes my dad does the Dad’s Dance time to time at the recital!


I dance at Club Dance… My mom is the owner of it!  There I dance pretty much everyday with my dance team. PREPRO!  These group of girls and others make up my circle of friends whom I love to hang out with and of course dance with.

Dance is my absolute favorite because I can really express myself and because it’s never ending.  I can always get better and better and better.  I love contemporary and ballet the best, but with my fabulous hiphop teacher I’m starting to include that in the list as well!

Dance has taken me to so many different places…  I’ve been now to almost 25 different states… even Canada and even Puerto Rico!  I have had the chance to assist and dance with some pretty amazing dance teachers that are top leaders in the industry!  For being only 12 years old I have been blessed to dance and become friends with some pretty cool dancers and teachers!

I LOVE THE CAMERA!  I love to model for different dance related organizations such as dance costume catalog organizations, dance costume companies, and other dance related stuff!  This past year I’ve also been able to dance  for Disney, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, and more.  It’s been a fun time and of course I always have a blast doing it with my mom!

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